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The expert in the production of prickly pear oil

With the experience of its staff, its knowledge and high-end products, Bio Vall has been able to have a considerable share of the local market. It has adopted a strategy focused on customer satisfaction.

Why choose us

To achieve its goals, the expert in production of prickly pear products in Tunisia has drawn a trajectory based on:

  • The quality of the products:

From raw material to packaging, Bio Vall products are premium products. To preserve the unique properties of the prickly pear and preserve a natural and 100% organic product, the company uses a process that is adapted and completely in line with the standards.

  • Quick service:

To achieve the level of customer satisfaction sought, Bio Vall has increased its efforts to ensure a quality service based on responsiveness and speed. The company has developed a reliable customer service provided by a highly qualified team whose mission is to facilitate access to information and to advice the client.

  • Fit workforce

Executives, technical team, sales team and workers ... all the staff of Bio Vall has a high level of training as well as a picture-perfect professionalism. All teams work according to the ethics of the profession and the values of the company: dedication, professionalism, transparency and efficiency.

At the end, the company's efforts at the different levels and its investment in the business have allowed it to achieve its objectives in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. This does not prevent it from continually working on the improvement of its luxurious products on all levels by aiming at the export.